This website and its content were produced as a part of the 2022 Bertha Challenge programme focusing on water. The Bertha Challenge provides the opportunity for activists and investigative journalists to spend one year focussing on one pressing social justice issue.

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Luiza Izuzquiza

Luisa Izuzquiza

Luisa Izuzquiza is a freedom of information activist and campaign coordinator at FragDenStaat, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. Luisa uses European freedom of information laws to conduct investigations, campaigns and litigation aiming to achieve greater transparency and accountability. Luisa’s work has a specific focus on European border control policies, EU lobbying and EU climate policies.

Jelena Prtorić

Jelena Prtorić

Jelena Prtorić is a freelance journalist who has reported for a wide variety of publications in English, French, Italian and her native Croatian. Her work has focused on gender and human rights, migration, the environment/climate, and social movements through an investigative and (often) cross-border lens. Since 2020, Jelena has been collaborating with Arena for Journalism in Europe, working on the development of the Arena Climate Network and helping with the curation of the programme for Dataharvest – European investigative journalism conference. She is also an occasional podcaster and translator of graphic novels.

You can reach out at: jelena@journalismarena.eu or tweet @yellena_p